The Team

The team at WP Realm come from 6 different countries, and have lived all over the world. These are the guys that maintain the vibrant community at WP Realm, making sure that fresh, exciting content is served up regularly.

Remkus de Vries: Founder

Based in the Netherlands, Remkus is the owner of ForSite Media, a development and consultancy shop, where he specialises in WordPress and BuddyPress development. He is the organizer of WordCamp Netherlands, and the admin of the Dutch WordPress translation. When not working with WordPress Remkus spends time with the most important element in his life, his family. Any left over time is spent working with cars, reading or weight-lifting.

Editorial Team

Siobhan McKeown: Editor

Based in the UK, Siobhan is the founder of Words for WP, a copywriting company for WordPress businesses. She’s written for WordPress people all over the globe, and writes regular articles for Smashing Magazine. She contributes to the WordPress and bbPress Codexes, and travels to many WordCamps. When not working with WordPress she writes articles about cinema and books, travels and hangs out with her husband.

Zé Fontainhas: Editor

Zé (affectionately known to the team as “Wise Old Man”) is supposed to tell Siobhan when she’s wrong but hasn’t yet gone beyond repeatedly moaning “GlotPress, ffs”. He’s a core committer to the GlotPress project, responsible for the WordPress Polyglots group, and organiser of WordCamps and meetups in Lisbon. When not doing WordPress, he ponders on the real meaning of 42, annoys his neighbours with his drumming and forever seeks the secret and elusive instructions for a perfect dry-martini.


Noel Tock

As well as being part of the writing team at WP Realm, Noel makes sure that the drinks keep flowing. Since he’s based in Switzerland, it means he’s got to keep travelling to keep us all topped up. When he’s not acting in his capacity as in-house WP Realm waiter, Noel runs happytables, a SaaS service for restaurants, does consultancy work, and organises the WP Zurich Meetup group. Outside of WordPress, he enjoys nice weather, goes to the gym, travels, reads and chillaxes [editorial note: I do not approve of the word chillaxing. It’s dumb.]

Rafael Poveda

Rafa will be writing all sorts of technical content for WP Realm, including tutorials, plugins and custom code. He produced the powerful event map that we’re using for our Events stream. Based in Sevilla, Rafa is the WordPress Consultant at Mecus, a WordPress Consultancy and Development firm. He’s the organizer of WordCamp Sevilla, the es_ES translator, maintainer, and forum admin. And, unsurprisingly, he’s a geeky programmer. When he can drag himself from his keyboard he travels, reads and looks after the zoo he keeps at home.

Tammie Lister

Tammie is a designer at WP Realm, and will be writing BuddyPress and a design-related content. She’s  a designer with a focus on BuddyPress and designing for communities. She helps with the BuddyPress Project and the WordPress Theme Review team. When not working with BuddyPress, Tammie hangs out with her two dogs [editorial note: and posts cute photos of dogs on the internet], runs, travels and does yoga.

Rocío Valdivia

Based in Spain, Rocío joins Tammie in the BuddyPress evangelism corner of WP Realm. She’s a developer who loves free software. She is a WordPress consultant and developer at Mecus, with a focus on BuddyPress. As well as carrying out theme and plugin development, she organizes WordPress Meetups, WordCamp Sevilla and is a member of the Spanish WordPress translation team. When not working on WordPress, she’s lucky enough to get to hang out in one of the world’s most beautiful cities, Sevilla, travels, cooks, reads and plays basketball.

Luc De Brouwer

Luc is a WordPress developer and consultant based in the Netherlands. As well as making his living from WordPress, he’s a core contributor, plugin developer, organiser of meet-ups, and maintainer of the Limburgish translation. Apart from WordPress he enjoys good food and drinks, life, and listening to music such as Nine Inch Nails, David Bowie, DAAN and The Gift.