WP Roll got launched today

WP Roll got launched today

There has been a lot of activity in the WordPress news world over the past year. Our own WP Realm has been gaining momentum and the new WP Daily has burst onto the scene as the go to place for hot off the press gossip. While these and other sites have been growing, others such as WP Candy, or WP Tavern have become very quiet.

Just last month, our own Brian Krogsgard launched poststat.us; its purpose is to provide a central collation point for all the latest and greatest from across the WordPress universe, allowing registered users to vote on what they deem relevant.

My colleague at Metronet, Kaspars Dambis, decided that he was spending an awful lot of time reading feeds about WordPress and felt that it might helpful to the rest of us if there was not only a central point for finding posts, as with poststat.us, but also a central point for finding complete sites, including rankings and information, to help you figure out which ones to subscribe to. Enter WPRoll.com, a site with user submitted blogs, curated by Kaspars himself. It uses an algorithm to rank blogs up and down, based on a variety of factors and the listings are updated automatically as new posts are added. WPRoll.com provides URLs, RSS feed links or even OPML feed exports for importing into various feed readers. You can follow WPRoll on Twitter.

If you would like to see your blog listed, go submit it on WPRoll.com for inclusion in the listings.



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      I agree. I spent a lot of time last night hunting out finding new feeds to follow. Having a handy place to go find a convenient giant list is darned handy.

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    Quite an interesting project, but I’m wondering why there’s no option to order the blogs by the latest post date — probably the most interesting feature, in my opinion.

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      I believe the RollRank system is partially based on which blogs have the most recent posts.

      I don’t think there would be any use in something to show literally what the most recent posts were, as that could be a mere coincidence. It’d need to be based on recent history, rather than the single most recent post.


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