WP Realm: What We'll Cover and How You Can Get Involved

WP Realm: What We’ll Cover and How You Can Get Involved

With WP Realm officially launched, Siobhan McKeown gets into detail about the content we'll be publishing and how you can contribute.

When Remkus asked me if I wanted to be involved with WP Realm, I was pretty excited. Not only is there a great team behind it (who I love working so closely with) but it gives me an opportunity to showcase and promote people using WordPress all over the world. At Words for WP, my clients are everywhere, I speak to people using WordPress in loads of different countries and there is a feeling that the real focus of the WordPress community is in the US. We want to broaden that out to cover the wide spectrum of WordPress users.

What We’ll Cover

We’ve put a lot of thought into what we want to cover. Rather than just having general WordPress content of any nature, we’ve tried to focus on what we think will be most useful to the global WordPress community.


We will cover WordPress news from across the world. Big pieces of news will be posted as and when they come in, and we’ll have a weekly news roundup featuring all of the WordPress news that we’ve picked up from across the net. If you’d like to submit some news, submit it using out News Submission form.


Contributing to WordPress is integral to being a part of the open source community. All of the team members at WP Realm have contributed to WordPress, in the Polyglots group, to GlotPress, to the Codex, support forums, theme review, BuddyPress and core. This section will go into detail on how you can contribute to WordPress, record the experiences of the people doing it, and provide interviews with those involved.


The editorial section will be long-form articles with the thoughts, opinions and insights of people in the WordPress community. The team here will be providing their insights on what’s going on around the world, but we’d like to hear what you’ve got to say too. Whoever you are, if you’ve got a unique point of view on a current topic, we’d love to hear from you.


WordCamps, Meetups, WordUps, WP on Tour and other events are times when the community can get together to hang out, share knowledge, and socialise. They’re a great way to meet people, and as Remkus talked about in his launch article, can lead to new projects such as WP Realm. We plan to host live blogging from WordCamps, post conference reports, information about meetups, and any other event information. You can submit your own event report and we’ll make it look nice and give you credits.


As the title suggests, we’ll be highlighting new releases that we think are relevant, interesting, or maybe a bit weird. We’ll look at WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress releases, and anything else that’s interesting. Feel free to contact us if you’re launching a new product or have a major release of your plugins or themes.

Case Study

Our case study section will cover how people are using WordPress and BuddyPress. We have created a form that you can fill in and we’ll turn your information into a post that features your website. We’re looking for anyone who uses WordPress in an interesting way, and that has tips that other people can learn from – maybe you’ve written some custom code to create new functionality, or you’re using some interesting design techniques. We want to know all about it. Check out our form and submit your website.


A blog about WordPress wouldn’t be complete without some sort of section where you can learn. This won’t be the primary focus of WP Realm, but we do want to make it possible for contributors to write long-form tutorials that help users to learn to do something cool with WordPress. Anything practical will be grouped under this section.

Contributing to WP Realm

We want you to contribute to WP Realm, wherever you are. Even if your English isn’t perfect, don’t be shy! WP Realm is in English because this is the main language of WordPress, but we don’t only want contributors whose English is perfect. Everything that is submitted goes through our editorial. The team currently consists of myself and Zé Fontainhas,  who many multilingual folk will know from the WP Polyglots group and GlotPress. If you’d like to join the editorial team we’re always looking for new members so get in touch and see how you can help out.

The WP Realm team consists of volunteers – we’re doing this for the love, not for the money, and we’re on the lookout for people to contribute and get involved. Here are some ways that you can do so:

Or if you can think of anything else, definitely get in touch.

So, welcome to WP Realm – we hope you have as much fun hanging out here as we have had building it. We’re looking forward to the future as a part of the WordPress community.

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