WordCamp Lovers Unable to Attend a WordCamp: Meet WP Armchair

Personally I’m addicted keen on going to as many WordCamp as possible, but some of them are in a country that I can’t get to because of whatever or sometimes there are two or more in one weekend. This basically means I can never see all the WordCamps that I’d like to… but I would like be in on the buzz, you know, the stuff people share. Right now twitter is pretty much the best way to keep track, but it’s not ideal. In fact, this is exactly the reason why David Bisset created WPArmchair.

Right now, WordCamp San Francisco just started and it is the most important North-American WordCamp out there. Lots of stuff will be shared and I’m sure you want to stay up to date to the latest information being shared there. Well, now you can. Go and thank David for launching WPArmchair.com (which currently redirects to http://wcsf.wparmchair.com/).

Now, don’t go think that this is an excuse to not come to WordCamp Europe though ;)


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