The Very First WordPress Mid-Week Codex Sprint

One of the many great things about having a date for a WordPress release in advance, is that other teams can plan activities around it. On the Support blog, Mika has started discussions around her ZOMG! WordPress Updates Broke Me! post. And on the docs blog we’re planning a Codex updating sprint after the launch of WordPress 3.5.

A Codex Sprint?

A documentation sprint is basically when a bunch of people get together to update documentation. Here are some examples of other doc sprints:

  • Confluence
  • Mozilla
  • Web Platform
  • They can be focused on specific areas, or just a general push to get documentation out or updated. For the first WordPress Codex sprint we’ll be updating the Codex to get everything in line with WordPress 3.5.

    When, Where and How?

    You can find the details on the docs blog, but the important things to remember are:

    • Start: Thursday 6th December – 3pm UTC
    • End: Friday 7th December – 5pm UTC
    • Where: IRC freenode #wordpress-sfd (web chat)

    You can get involved at any point during those times – no one needs to be there for 26 hours!


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