The Post Formats UI Feature Coming to WordPress 3.6

One of the WordPress features we use a lot here on WP Realm are the post formats. However, we do not use it in its default way, we use it the Alex King way.

So with that in mind it’s quite exciting to see WordPress 3.6 will have a strong focus on the Post Formats UI in general. Aaron Campbell writes:

Post formats is going to be a major win for 3.6. It’s one of those features that has so much potential, but it really falls short in usability and honestly we haven’t really taken the time to truly show what it can do. We’re going to re-think the admin UI for post formats

Do check out the post and most definitely comments if you’d like to contribute or have a specific opinion about it. I’m a big fan of Chip’s comment:

I think the “big win” opportunity here is in establishing a standard convention regarding what *types of content* apply to each post format type, and what *type of data* each of those types of content are.

For example, some post format types lend themselves well to *not* having a Post Title. That convention can be established, and Post Title hidden from the UI. (The associated Theme Review guideline would be “must not display Post Title for format types X, Y, Z”)

It’s this type of discussion / opinion that we need to get the ball rolling towards defining what WordPress 3.6 should offer. Go have your say!


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    I think this is the one feature I’ll be most looking forward to. When they first introduced Post Formats, everyone thought they were a great idea (even for sites that don’t want to look like your bog standard blog), but sort of left the door open with regards to everything else. I see this as the opportunity to close that stable door before any more horses bolt! :D


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