Introducing Twenty Thirteen

Mark Jaquith, over at the make.wordpress.core site, introduced the new default WordPress theme to be introduced in WordPress 3.6. Twenty Thirteen looks like nothing you’ve ever seen in a default WordPress theme and to be honest, I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

I am aware that what we see now is just an early rendition, – love the colors, don’t like it being boxed on my 27″ iMac – but I’m not sure what to think about the general direction here. It’s geared towards Post Formats, for which the UI will be revamped in 3.6, and I’m not sure that is the direction a default theme should be headed. Why? Because from where I’m sitting the main usage of WordPress has been sternly going into the CMS direction for quite a while now. I personally thought Twenty Twelve was a good step in the right direction and feel that only using one cycle (WordPress 3.5) to get people to use Twenty Twelve is too short.

Or am I wrong here? Should there be alternating types of default themes for us to play with?


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    Personally I think the default theme should show the possibilities of WordPress. Making all the themes cms centric tells everyone WordPress is a cms, when it’s possible of so much more out of the box. Making the default theme a tumblog shows off the latest features – that are currently underused. The previous 2 themes were very cms oriented as you say so it’s nice to see a change.

    Also you have to keep in mind that we’re not your average WordPress users. Whilst we like cms style themes, there’s a whole world of Tumblr users they will want to capture.

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    Since 3.6 brings focus back to blogging with some improvements in the Post Formats UI, and a rework of Post Revisions, I think it makes sense to work on a theme that shows all the great things you can do with Post Formats.
    And I like the colours! It’s a nice contrast with the 3 previous default themes :)

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    I think the new theme looks FUN! I’m not sure if that is the direction we want to go. But I agree with Ben that this fun side of WordPress, targeting the tumbler crew with great new post formats probably is a good idea. I can’t see that I will be using it as much as TwentyEleven or TwentyTwelve though.

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    This is not my cup of tea. I think the design it self is more noisy than inspiring, but not everyone is fundamental minimalists, so I guess this one is for the color lovers. And maybe retro design is going to be the next big thing….

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    +1000 for the direction of Twenty Thirteen. I was part of the silent few that were disappointed by Twenty Twelve severe simplicity (design-wise); it’s great to remind people, in a bold fashion, that a WordPress site really can look like anything you dream up.

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    I think that since twentytwelve will still be shipped with new installs, it’s pretty exciting to have an alternative theme for people to play with. It gives people more knowledge that there is something different available. How many active WP installs just stick with the default vs go and get a new theme? That’d be an interesting stat to see.

    Also, I wonder if some sort of tooltip, or dashboard notice in the “what’s new” section could notify people that more themes are available if they aren’t happy.

    Anyway, I think it’s a fun experiment, and of course it can change if need be in the next version :)

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    I’m fully in agreement with having alternate theme styles available in a default WordPress install. If nothing else it offers a good highlight of the different things WordPress can be used for.

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    If we leave out the header background then i like it. It’s more creative and solid and looke like a theme with quality. All previous themes are with i would switch out as first thing.

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    The beautiful thing about a new default theme every year is that there’s room to explore. If you think about the users who use WordPress as a CMS, they’re not likely to use the default theme. I love that Twenty Thirteen is unabashedly about blogging, which it turns out quite a few people still want to do. :)

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    WordPress has evolved into so much more than a blogging format and I agree with those who say that the default should be as versatile as possible… so put me in the not so in love with Twenty Thirteen crowed.

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