Scott Taylor on Understanding MySQL in WordPress

Scott Taylor posted a very detailed write up about understanding MySQL in WordPress. Something I personally think every single WordPress developer – be it plugins or themes – ought to have a deep understanding of. Not just know of it’s existence. In Scott’s words:

You would be surprised how many people I have interviewed for a job that think their PHP chops are great, but their MySQL, not so much. Many great WordPress developers I know have said the same thing. Not cool. Bad SQL can bring down your site! Forget crazy scaling challenges, basic WP Query usage can bring your site down if you aren’t careful. WordPress is a framework that provides you with a lot out of the box, but you are still going to end up writing a bunch of your own PHP to make it work the way you want. The same should be true, but often isn’t, for SQL queries.

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From WP Startup to Hiring Your First Employee

Wysija Newsletters is hiring its first employee to help out with their support forums and some coding. Wysija is a newsletter plugin which has been downloaded over a hundred thousand times on the WordPress repository. It’s run by an awesome team of four guys from across Europe, all of whom we had the pleasure of hanging out with at WordCamp Lisbon.

If you’re a WordPress expert and would like to be the first employee of a growing business with a fun and smart team, you should take a look. From my perspective, I just love to see fledgling WordPress businesses start to grow.

Twenty Twelve is Here to Teach You WordPress Theme Developers

You may have noticed that WordPress 3.5 beta has been released and with it came a brand spanking new default theme named Twenty Twelve. Personally I am a big fan of Twenty Twelve, I could never get used to Twenty Ten, and love how that theme is set up. If you have not yet found the time to set up a beta installation on your live site local machine and played with Twenty Twelve in depth, than definitely check out Konstatin’s post first. He explains at great length what Twenty Twelve can teach you as Theme Developer.

WordPress Themes: One Size Never Fits All

WordPress Themes: One Size Never Fits All

There are plenty of WordPress Themes out there that claim to suit every situation. But can they? Or is choosing a WordPress Theme like choosing a holiday? Christine looks at how the thought processes are similar, and how you can find the right theme.

When introducing WordPress to my students, there’s a lot of confusion about themes. I’ve also come across this on the WordPress support forums. Beginners just don’t know which theme to start with or which one will be best for their project.

With so many themes to choose from, it’s easy to understand. Knowing which theme is perfect for you depends on your level of expertise, your project and budget. This might seem a bit strange, but deciding on which theme to use is very similar to choosing where to go on holiday. Keep reading »