Dates and Location for WordCamp Europe announced

Sooo, what are your autumnal plans for 2013? They should probably include WordCamp Europe, which has just announced the dates for the event.

After months of searching for the perfect venue, we’re really excited to announce that the very first WordCamp Europe will take place on 5th – 7th October in Leiden, The Netherlands!

All the information is now on WordCamp Europe’s official site.

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Envato Finally Will Allow For 100% GPL Licenses

Envate, source of many GPL ruckus of late, is finally moving forward and allowing their theme and plugin authors to choose a proper 100% GPL license.

After getting this community feedback, we are now putting into the works an optional 100% GPL license which authors in GPL-based categories (such as WordPress or Drupal) can make use of. It will be completely up to authors whether they use this option. The new option should be available towards the end of March, and we’ll be posting on Notes about how authors can make use of it.

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