WordCamp Lovers Unable to Attend a WordCamp: Meet WP Armchair

Personally I’m addicted keen on going to as many WordCamp as possible, but some of them are in a country that I can’t get to because of whatever or sometimes there are two or more in one weekend. This basically means I can never see all the WordCamps that I’d like to… but I would like be in on the buzz, you know, the stuff people share. Right now twitter is pretty much the best way to keep track, but it’s not ideal. In fact, this is exactly the reason why David Bisset created WPArmchair. Keep reading »

Residency — A New Meeting Format?

Residency — A New Meeting Format?

The WordPress community in Portugal is starting a new experiment, calling it the WordPress Residency: a week-end for WordPress enthusiasts to meet and generally get to know each other. It sounds like the start of something interesting.

It has been interesting lately to see how WordPress enthusiasts have been finding creative ways to get together. We all know WordCamps and meetups, of course, but in the last months we’ve seen the birth of the regional WordCamp, BuddyCamp,  WordUp (a kind of larger meetup/un-conference), WP Camp, and even WP OnTour (whatever happened to that?).

Given all these variations, is another one needed?

The community in Portugal seems to think it is. Under the guidance of Nuno Morgadinho, from WidgiLabs, a new experiment is about to take place: the WordPress “Residency”.

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Dates and Location for WordCamp Europe announced

Sooo, what are your autumnal plans for 2013? They should probably include WordCamp Europe, which has just announced the dates for the event.

After months of searching for the perfect venue, we’re really excited to announce that the very first WordCamp Europe will take place on 5th – 7th October in Leiden, The Netherlands!

All the information is now on WordCamp Europe’s official site.

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WordCamp Europe 2013: It's Time

WordCamp Europe 2013: It’s Time

A group of WordPress enthusiasts, based in Europe, have banded together to start organising WordCamp Europe 2013. Zé explains how the idea came about and what is happening next.

Yes, you read it here first: WordCamp Europe in 2013. Our mailing list is ready and you can sign up to get updates.


The idea for WordCamp Europe developed slowly. Come to think of it, it was in much in the same way WP Realm itself was born. We kept running into each other at various WordCamps in Europe; the conversation went on, each city a different chapter.

It mostly did not feel like a different country at all. It didn’t feel like any particular country, actually. It just felt like, well… Europe. The fact that we could just as well be having the conversation over liquid nitrogen desserts in Amsterdam, tapas in Sevilla or drinks in Lisbon has had no impact on a fundamental, unspoken principle, which is this: all those places are home.

Given the nature and history of Europe, all of us easily and often cross national borders and languages to meet each other. This is why so many WordPress enthusiasts from Europe, regardless of their specific country of origin, attend and speak at so many WordCamps in other European countries, probably more so than anywhere else in the world.

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BuddyCamp Vancouver Report

BuddyCamp Vancouver Report

Bowe flew all the way from Vancouver to attend the world's very first BuddyCamp. He got drunk, had fun, and did awesome things with BuddyPress. Here's what he has to say about it.

After landing on the moon, the creation of the internet, and The Matrix hitting theaters, BuddyCamp Vancouver is pretty much mankind’s greatest achievement. In less then four years BuddyPress has evolved to the point where it can be at the center of two full days of awesomeness. 18 speakers, three BuddyPress core developers, the co-founder of WordPress, and a whole bunch of others where there to witness the magic.

Before you continue reading, please take a few seconds to thank the people that have made this possible. Y’all know who they are! Keep reading »

A Tale of Two WordPresses: WPCS & Pressnomics

A Tale of Two WordPresses: WPCS & Pressnomics

Siobhan has been traveling a lot lately; in this post she reports from the two latest events she attended and presents what she thinks they might mean for the future of WordPress.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been exceptionally lucky to have attended two of the most unique WordPress events of this year: the WordPress Community Summit and Pressnomics. I’ve already attended four WordCamps (!!!) in Utrecht, Edinburgh, New York, and Lisbon, each of which had its own character and cultural flavour. I tend to go to WordCamps with a few things in mind – hang out with my WordPress friends, meet current clients, pick up new clients, share knowledge, get do a bit of partying. I’m usually successful at all of these things.

WordCamps are usually focused on doing things with WordPress, whether that’s as a user or as a developer. However, in Georgia and Arizona over the past few weeks, I’ve been involved in two quite different faces of WordPress: Community and Commercialisation.

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