bbPress Decides to Tandem With BuddyPress and Also Does a Release Candidate

Just as the BuddyPress 1.7 Release Candidate emerged, so did the bbPress 2.3 Release Candidate. Jared Atchinson just announced this over at the bbPress blog

bbPress 2.3 introduces forum-specific search functionality, so that your users are able to search your forum posts without interfering with your blog posts. It simplifies the fancy topic and reply editors, enabling only the functionality your users should see. Lastly, we’ve included more forum migration tools to help you transition to bbPress from Vanilla, Mingle, and SimplePress.

I must say, I’ve quite enjoyed seeing bbPress mature over the last couple of cycles and personally couldn’t be more thrilled to see that both BuddyPress and bbPress are growing up to be fine outstanding pieces of software.

Also, I hope bbPress 2.3 is finally deemed good enough to replace the bbPress forum software still used on .org and the international sites. We could use a better solution there ;).


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