A Casualty In A War Between Giants

“At this point, I have one option that I personally can do; Remove my themes from ThemeForest. Doing so would mean my income would drop to $0 and I would have to lay off my one employee. This is not reasonable. Even if I moved my themes to another marketplace I’d take a hit of thousands of dollars a month.”

Whenever someone writes a paragraph like that and is talking about WordCamps & GPL, you know there will be an interesting debate going on in the comments.

Should this just be between the Foundation / WordCamp and Envato or is the current ruling correct?


  1. says

    Interesting indeed! :)

    Personally I subscribe to the fact that WordPress can do what they like since it’s their conferences to run as they wish – doesn’t mean I have to agree with the decision though…

  2. Christopher Wulff says

    I’m confused by the suggestion that the only thing he can do is shutter the business and fire his staff. Option 2: stop speaking at WordCamp? Start hosting ThemeForest Camp?

    From what I’ve read from most of the top WordPress developers we’d probably be better off as a community if the code practices from ThemeForest didn’t spread to other users anyway, so not having them speaking at camps might be a plus.

    • says

      Hey Christopher, you’re absolutely right, he does have those other options!

      Also, happily, your info on code practices is out of date! While there is a legacy issue with the quality of some items on ThemeForest, we’re actively addressing this, and actually have very good standards in our review process currently.

      Of course, if you happen to find a specific issue, please let me know straight away and I’ll get it sorted for you.

  3. says

    Theme Forest’s owner, Collis, is eerily quiet. His silence betrays him here, unfortunately. He can’t answer Otto and Matt simple question: why can’t an author choose his license?

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